The mission of the space is to promote and increase access to the arts such as plays, music and visual art appreciation programs in Arima and environs. The center is all-inclusive, including facilities for the performing, visual and literary arts. It is guided by the principles of inclusion, collaboration and innovation.

The objectives of EAST YARD encompass, but are not limited to, creating a community arts center that includes the following:

  • Facilities for art-related educational, cultural, and outreach programs;

  • Studio and rehearsal spaces at affordable rates for all art disciplines;

  • An art gallery with exhibit space for local artists and artisans

  • A gift shop selling arts and crafts by local artists;

  • Business mentoring for professional artists to assist them in making a living from their art.

teach the basic skills of their discipline, provide its historical context, and help participants develop final exhibition and mural projects.



Strengthening civic identity is crucial to the achievement of our mission. We have thus chosen to utilize large scale murals in communities with a message of non-violence to create a tangible sense of place, a sense of pride, and destination, resulting in increased foot traffic while adding color, vibrancy, and character to the urban environments we work in. These murals contrast the negative mental health effects of concrete and asphalt, and have an overall effect of beautification.

This project started with the third edition of Caribbean Fashion & Arts Feature Festival which saw our collaboration with the Arima Borough Council and Classic Laundry to start murals on the Arima Velodrome wall. The impact of which saw the birth of the project with invitations coming from various communities and stakeholders to murals in their public spaces. Since then CFAFF has executed large scale mural projects at the Clayton Ince Football Field in Maloney, at a community play park in La Horquetta, the Arima Amphitheatre and most recently at the St Mary’s Children’s Home in Tacarigua.