Best Caribbean Fashion Film

Sankofa Art on Purpose - (Jamie Philbert,Trinidad and Tobago)

Best International Fashion Film 

Versace Valentines - (Luca Finotti, Italy)

Best African Fashion Film

Picha Marangi - (Nathan Collett, Kenya)

Caribbean Student Fashion Film

Inside the Outside - (Argent, Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design, Trinidad and Tobago)

CFAFF Award for Creative Excellence

Arlene Bartholomew-Singh - (Fashion Designer, 'ASA Market, Trinidad and Tobago)




Best Caribbean Short Film, Best Direction and Best Editing

Paradise Prints and Memebete - Love Stories (St Lucia)

Best Production Design

The Lost Tribe - SEVEN (Trinidad and Tobago)

Best Fashion Documentary

Fiona Compton, James Adjodha and Loggo Lionel - The Revolution of the Fairy Tale (St Lucia)

Best Student Designer Fashion Film Project

Reuben Gonzales - Ixora in Dance  (Trinidad and Tobago)




Best Short Fashion Film, Best Direction and Best Production Design

Fanm Djanm - We Are Every Woman (Haiti/NY)

Best Editing

The Lost Tribe - RIDDIM (Trinidad and Tobago)

Best Fashion Documentary

Destination Runway (St Lucia)


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